How To Text Girls (A Secret Guide)

Guys often wonder what to say to a girl,and how to text girls,to make them interested in them. Typically men fall for women at first sight as long as they’re attractive. Alternatively girls depend on different emotions and intuition before they become enamored with a guy. If you want to catch a girls attention timing is pivotal in a lot of ways.

Often it’s simpler to text girls and get them “into” you,than it is to take them out on dates and purchasing gifts to impress them. With a delicate balance of flirting and emotional connection,you can get a lady to start liking you with a few perfectly timed texts over a relatively brief amount of time. To learn how to text girls you like,we have several tips below on how to properly communicate with them via text,and just how non-difficult it can be for you.
Remember to proceed with them cautiously and make a move only if they show feelings along the same lines as yours for them.

#1 After dark is the perfect time to text a woman. If a girl is okay exchanging texts with you late at night,its a sure sign you’ve got her attention in some form. Start off texting her late at night and look for opportunities to keep conversing while she’s getting ready for and into bed. Most women find swapping text messages back and forth into the late hours romantic and sexy. Doing this will give you just the edge you need,and will be sure to put you firmly in their sights.

#2 The proper time to text a woman. Don’t text her 24-7 or call her at times in the day when you know she’ll be busy or hanging out with others. They need to be excited to see your text,not bummed out because your always bothering her hang out time. Pick certain times to text her. You know her daily activities,so only text her when you know she’s available to reply back. In just a few days after swapping text with her,you’ll see she engages in longer conversations with you at certain times of the day. Once she does this text her around those same times every day. She’ll be anticipating your texts everyday at these times and it’ll make her enjoy your text more.

#3 First text pointer. Don’t over think it. Keep it simple and casual. “Hey! Just wanted to say hi” is a easy and basic way to start a first text conversation with a woman.

#4 Always start conversations with a short text. After texting back and forth for a number of days,you don’t need to look for excuses to text her,and you don’t need long winded introductions. Send a warm and basic line that makes her feel glad to read. It starts an open conversation and you’ll find out if she’s available to chat also. “Hey what are you up to?” with a smiley face should work wonders to begin a conversation,and get a smile on her face. She’ll let you know if she’s busy or respond when she gets a free moment. You cant go wrong with that opening line.

#5 Show interest in her and her daily on-goings. Ask her how her day went. Show interest in her daily life happenings. It’ll get her to open up to you and show your always keen to learn more about her.

#6 Don’t ALWAYS flirt with her. If she knows your in to her already,don’t flirt with her every chance you get. It’ll bore her if that’s all you do when conversing with her. Send text to her about everyday activities and show her that you’re interested in learning more about her life and her as a person.

#7 Flirt when you get the opening. Once and a while,you’ll find a prime opportunity to flirt. Wait for those moments and use them to tease her,especially if she compliments herself or talks about how well she does something. This is a great excuse to challenge,joke,and flirt with her that’ll work in your favor often.

#8 Be naughty occasionally. But when you do be vague unless you’ve already figured out what she wants to hear from you. You can continue to be vague or keep being naughty based on what she texts back.

#9 Use smileys and emoticons. Unless she specifically says she dislikes emoticons,be sure to use them often leaving kisses and smiley faces when your texting her bye. If she jokes about it,say it was just a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

#10 Make personal memories with her. Look for chances to make a bond between the two of you. Share your favorite places,movies,or songs. Every time she comes across those things you talked about. It gives her a reason to think of you.

#11 Say mushy things before telling her goodbye. Give her compliments about her appearance,personality,or anything that will make her feel great inside. Focus on these kinds of texts a couple of minutes before you share goodbye texts. For her to fall for you,she will have to become sexually excited by you and feel attached to you romantically. This is how infatuation and love work with humans.

#12 Connect with her emotionally. Build rapport and an emotional connection,so she can begin to have feelings for you. She’ll think of you differently from other men and feel like you understand/connect with her on an emotional level. Learn her passions by finding out what her passions and interests are,this allows you to connect with her via text which most guys wont take the time to do.

#13 Remember to follow up with her. If you’re forgetful,nothing says your not interested to a woman more than if you don’t respond back to them within a couple of hours…or days. Be sure you remember to reply back to the texts she sends to keep the conversation flowing and the sparks of connection alive.

Use these 13 tips on how to text a girl you like and you’ll see just how easy it can be to get a girl, through some well timed late evening texts.