How To Talk To Girls

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to talk to girls? Often, men find it difficult to break the ice when faced with a woman they like. If not, the part that prompts men to really think is how to talk to a woman without being dismissed. And while it seems simple to a distant observer, being in such a position poses a great challenge: the attempt towards cracking a conversation needs to work. So to help you and the countless men out there, here are some tips about how to talk to women.

Greet her. A few men find it too ordinary but the best conversation starters are expressions of greetings. Saying, “Hey!” or asking, “How are you?” initiates a response that goes beyond a simple smile. Get your cue from the way she responds and introduce yourself. Note that you may not be the only one who approached the same woman so keeping it natural is a great way to break the cycle of those pickup lines she may have even heard before.

Ask questions. Questions almost always end up getting answered. It would be a good idea to direct yours to the woman you wanted to know. This technique serves two purposes depending on what you wanted to gauge. First, if you are the type of guy who evaluates women before introducing yourself, the quality of response you get determines that. This is called the evaluative function of asking a question. Second, if you just want to get someone’s attention, throw away the question, wait for a reply, and proceed by introducing yourself. This strategy is a prelude to saying “hello.”

Be observant. If you happen to be by someplace and you spot someone you want to know, take your cue from your surroundings. Observe people or things and state your observation to her. This technique is effective in catching her attention an arousing her curiosity because a person’s natural response would be to pay attention to the subject of your statement.

Be in the know. This might prompt you to do a bit of research about the topics she likes to discuss before approaching her and about those that you can talk to a girl with. Preparedness is the benefit you’ll enjoy when you get to know the topics she is interested with. Remember that preferences spark interest. In this case, have some time to read about what interests her so when you finally get to approach her, or be with her through a common acquaintance, you can effectively break the ice.

Get her opinion. So the girl you are eyeing is with a group of girls and one of them is your acquaintance. Seize the opportunity by approaching them in a natural manner and asking them what they think about something. If she doesn’t respond, ask for her opinion directly. But this technique comes with a few reminders.

  1. Do not interrupt. Approach them and allow them to notice you. Since the situation above involves an acquaintance of yours, this should be easy. If they’re all strangers to you, say, “Excuse me” before talking. Women appreciate being treated with courtesy.
  2. Do not be overconfident. This is not a good way to build a first impression. Come off as a down to earth guy and act naturally. Women get turned off by people with an arrogant demeanor. Besides, it will do you no good if at some point during the conversation; you get caught off-guard by how smart she is.

Be interesting and funny. When in a group, you can catch her attention by telling stories that make you appear good. Deliver your stories in an interesting manner and without being too obvious that you are watching her reaction. Be prepared with a couple of jokes you can drop throughout your time with the group. Always be humorous because humor does wonders in women.

Play games. Guys hold an incorrect belief that when they talk to a woman for the first time; it should be in a place where they are alone. This is fueled by the fear of rejection. Only a few guys are smart enough to socialize within the circle of the woman they like. If your girl friends have a new addition to their group who catches your attention, you might want to join them in their activities. Spend some time with them as they go hiking, bar-hopping, or playing games. A good way to break the eyes is by naturally addressing the group and from time to time, talking to the woman you like. After you have successfully integrated yourself, it might be the right time to make a move.

Be critical. Now this might not always be something you can do as you rarely spot a guy who fails at his initial attempt to converse with a woman of your type. But just in case it happens, be very keen and see how the other guy behaved. After being put off, wait until the guy is not in sight then approach her and courteously ask how he did. Be prepared to respond and express agreement or disagreement by stating what he lacked. This brings you right into her social space and yes, you definitely are talking to her.

Do not expect too much. Before you try talking to a girl, acknowledge the fact that your style might not be effective for everyone. Sometimes, you get turned down and sometimes, you get it right. This level of acceptance is beneficial when it comes to managing your frustration if something didn’t turn out the way you want to. It helps you preserve your self-esteem and recover your self-confidence. And just like you liking her, remember that she also has her preferences so you should respect that.

There are countless tips dealing with how to talk to girls. But not all of them works all the time. To make the most of these tips, simply remember which ones you like and use them depending on your circumstance. Best of all, be creative. It helps you adjust your methods.