How To Choose A Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Choosing a good wedding photographer is among the most crucial decisions for you to make when planning your wedding. It determines the quality of your wedding images that you will cherish forever and most likely decorate with your home. Choosing a non-qualified photographer will result to your photos turning out poorly, making you one of the few unhappy newlywed couple.

To avoid chances of such happening, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a photographer for your wedding.

Determine Your Style

There are different photograph styles that common one wedding couples such as journalistic or reportage style. Determining your style will help you in short listing photographers whose style matches yours.


There are many good or amazing wedding photographers. The biggest headache is choosing the right one that suits your taste of photographs. Attending wedding fairs will present you an opportunity to meet and interact with different photographers, including getting to know their photography style and sense of price. You may also consider browsing online for different photographers’ portfolios. This will present you with an opportunity to see their distinct styles from which you can shortlist your preferred candidates.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a photographer. It is advisable that you make this your first consideration as it will be frustrating to love a photographer’s portfolio only to realize that you cannot afford her price. Failure to acquire a photographer within your price range may require you to reevaluate your budgetary allocation or other wedding photography alternatives.
Images- his sample images should be well exposed and sharp. In case your photographer of choice uses a digital camera, he/she should be able to produce high-resolution images. This will help you in case you are planning on printing copies of the photos.

Stay Traditional

Choose a photographer whose sense of style is timeless. As newlywed couple, it is your desire to remember the wedding day for the rest of your marriage years. Therefore, you should avoid choosing photographers who uses modern gimmicky photography effects that are likely to date very quickly. The photographer of your choice should not depend on retouching software’s or Photoshop, but maybe use it to enhance the photographs natural light.

Meet The Photographer

After doing your research and short listing those you consider qualified, set-up an interview meeting. This will give you an opportunity to see more of their portfolio images, review their package options and get references from the candidates previous couples you can have access, to enquire about the photographer. During the interview, find out if the photographer has ever shot at your location of choice and if he will be available on the date of your wedding.

Compare And Contrast

After meeting the different photographers and checked with the references, review their contracts. Photographers differ in lenient cancellation policies, with others having much more compared to the rest. In addition, compare their deposit and usage rights, since they too vary.

Experience Level

The photographer’s level of experience should top your priority as it is directly proportional to the quality of photos. There should not be any room for inexperience as the photographer may miss candid shots or mess up rare images. It is therefore important that you interview several of them before settling on any. During the interview inquire of them if they have ever done weddings.

Camera Equipment

Different formats are available for a wedding photographer, the common ones being:

  • Digital- CMOS or CCD
  • 35 mm- 36mm by 24mm
  • 645- 60mm by 45mm
  • 6 by 7- 70mm by 60mm
  • 2-1/4 square- 60mm by 60mm

A good photographer will go for a camera with larger format negatives as they yield much better definition and much better print quality.

Personality Chemistry

This is the degree of chemistry between you and the photographer as you interact. You should be able to get along easily with the individual. Your personalities should match and he/she should be open for any expression of guidance or advice you offer. The photographer also needs to be creative, upbeat, outgoing and confident of capturing all your special day’s precious moments.
Choose a professional- of the whole lot, select a wedding photographer that has professed in the field for your special day, and not one who does wedding photography on the weekend just to make some extra cash. Take note that possessing a good camera does not make one a good photographer. A professional wedding photographer is one who is passionate about work and capable of copping with the unexpected like equipment failure or wet wedding.

Photographer’s Package

Different photographers offer different packages. I strongly recommend choosing the one who offers an engagement or a pre-wedding shoot as it offers you an opportunity to know each other and how he/she works. During this time, the photographer should offer you advice of how to pose for different shots especially the flattering ones. It also offers you an opportunity to inform the photographer whether you feel uncomfortable taking particular shots like side profile photographs.

Photographer’s Time Needed

This is the time the photographer requires in order to offer you what you desire of your wedding. This is dependent on the number of events you will need covered, and include:

  • Bride preparation
  • Rehearsal services and dinner
  • Formal bride and groom photo before the wedding
  • Formal bride and maid photo prior to wedding
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Ceremony while leaving the church
  • Formal group photography


This includes how you would like the photograph to be supplied. Currently most couples prefer disks to wedding albums (digital and print images). Depending on your preference, you need to find out the online option the photographer offers and whether you get to retain the copyrights. Also ensure that other images bare no watermark to enable you print off own images

How to choose a wedding photographer tips should make your most special and memorable day remaining like that, special and memorable for the rest of your entire lives, thanks to your ability now to choose the right and good wedding photographer.